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Solar Powered Street Lights
Solar powered street lights, the latest solar powered street lights are completely different from the old solar street lights. It has a brand new design. With the innovation of lithium battery technology. We've all used lithium battery designs now. In this way, the battery is smaller and can be placed inside the lamp body. There is no need for bulky lead-acid batteries like the old solar street lights, and the battery compartment needs to be buried in the ground. The lithium battery has a longer lifespan and can be deep cycled more than 2000 times.

Our solar street light integrates LED chips, and the luminous efficiency can reach up to 201lm/w. At the same time, it also integrates intelligent controllers, motion sensors, and solar panels. Customers can install it very easily without even needing an instruction manual. With the global implementation of green lighting. Solar street lights are the future trend of use.

Solar powered street lights are widely used in various road lighting projects.

Solar Powered Street Lights