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All In One Solar LED Street Light

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Update time : 2023-06-02 12:03:02
All In One Solar LED Street Light, Integrated design, integrated design of solar panels, controllers, batteries, and LED lamps, highly integrated, simple installation, and convenient transportation. Built-in new high-efficiency power lithium battery. The number of 100% cycles can reach more than 6000 times. Post-installation requires no maintenance. Can be used for road lighting, main roads, suburban road, high-speed roads, municipal engineering road lighting projects.

The integrated solar street light, which can also be called the all in one solar street light, combines the high efficient solar panel, Li-battery can be used for 10 years, high brightness leds, intelligent controller, and anti-burglary installation support together. It uses several practical and good control technology, such as mini-controller and human infrared induction, and unites the integrated design to satisfy the needs of low consumption brightness, long using time and maintenance free, and the performance of water-proofing and heat dissipation are also perfect.

Let's first show how it works:

Compared with the old solar street lights, the most important change of the integrated all In One Solar LED Street Light is the integration of solar panels and batteries. This allows the battery to be mounted inside the lamp body. It does not need to be embedded in the ground, and the construction is simple. Use LiFePO4 lithium battery. Smaller size. Less weight. Larger capacity. And our latest All In One Solar LED Street Light uses a detachable design of the battery compartment, which is convenient for customers to replace the battery.

Compared with the split solar street light, the integrated All In One Solar LED Street Light integrates the solar panel on the back of the lamp body. So its angle cannot be adjusted. And the size is limited, so the charging speed is slower than the split solar street light, and if you want to increase the power of the solar panel, you can only increase the size of the lamp body. The size of our largest 120W all-in-one solar street light is 1950mm*385mm. On top of that, we've added our newest smart controller. You can check the battery capacity at any time and intelligently adjust the LED brightness. This can ensure normal use in rainy days. Lasts 5-7 rainy days. And each light increases the human body induction mode. In the mode of using motion sensing, it saves power even more. Extend working hours.

Integrated solar street lamp structure diagram:

All in one intelligent design.
Long lighting time up to 36-48 hours.
Solar charging, no wiring required.
Can choose time control, human body induction control, time + human body induction control three modes, or customize the working mode according to customer requirements.
Pole optional, easy to install.
View Angle is 140°, Professional for road lighting
Battery temperature is -25-+65℃.
Have photocell turn on at night, turn off daytime, also can according customer design the working time

We can provide many different models, which can be divided into ABS material and aluminum material from the shell material. Aluminum is more expensive. Heat dissipation is better. Suitable for use on high-power solar street lights. High power and high brightness are generally used in large-scale projects, such as government road lighting projects. The power of ABS material is relatively small, and it can be used for road lighting such as gardens, communities, and paths.


Integrated solar street lights can be widely used in decorative solar lights, solar path lights, solar wall lights,solar security lights,solar post lights, solar flood lights,solar pond lights, solar lawn lights,solar sign lights, solar streetlights,solar parking lot lights and so on. not only your home and garden can benefit from solar light, but it also brings huge benefits to the commercial areas.

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