Solar LED Street Light

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Update time : 2023-06-01 11:45:14
A new generation of solar street lights, using the latest design. Integrates solar energy, controller, and solar panel in one. The most important thing is that it uses a new car power lithium battery, LifePO4 battery can adapt to higher temperatures. 6000 deep cycle life, no longer use old lead-acid batteries. Because lead-acid batteries are too bulky. And the battery needs to be buried in the ground. Increase construction cost. Our solar street light is suitable for detachable design, even if the battery needs to be replaced, the internal lithium battery can be easily replaced.


Solar panels, all use monocrystalline silicon solar panels, 18%-23% conversion efficiency, high conversion efficiency, Surface toughened glass package, dustproof, waterproof.

LifePO4 battery, Ditch the old lead-acid batteries and use lithium batteries. Professional packaging technology, anti-high temperature, anti-acupuncture, safe and efficient, Working temperature: -30+70 ℃, Low temperature, recommended to use ternary lithium battery.

Bridgelux LED chips, 170Lm/W light efficiency, professional module design, efficient heat dissipation. 155*70 degree batwing light distribution design, specially used for outdoor road lighting.

Integrated radar motion sensor. When using induction mode. When someone passes by, the lamp will automatically work at 100% brightness, and when no one passes by, the lamp will work at 30% brightness.

Can use the remote control to change the working mode. There are three built-in working modes, time control mode, induction mode, and time + induction mode. The working mode can also be set according to customer requirements during production.

In general, solar street lights can be divided into split solar street lights and integrated all in one solar street lights. Their biggest differences are:

The split solar street light has an independent solar panel, so the power of the solar panel can be made very large. This allows for fast charging. It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery. It is suitable for areas with less intense sunlight or long-term cloudy and rainy days. And its solar panel can adjust the angle, which can set the best solar collection angle according to the local sun angle, but its volume is larger. Shipping costs are higher than integrated models. The installation of split solar street lights requires an independent solar bracket. We can make the bracket for the customer. After the customer receives the goods, they can be directly installed on the light pole as a whole.

All-in-one integrated solar street light. It can be made into an aluminum shell or an ABS plastic shell, and its main advantage is that it is easy to install. Smaller size. The back of its light body is an integrated solar panel. So its solar panels are relatively small. However, through efficient battery management and intelligent charge and discharge control, we can also make the integrated solar street light work continuously for 5-7 rainy days.

Production line

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After-sales: 3 year warranty.In this period,we will provide free repair for problem caused by non-human factors.
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Individually packaged, built-in foam protection, 5-layer kraft paper outer carton, plus pallet for transportation. Ensure that customers receive the goods safely

Solar LED Street Light are outdoor lighting devices used to light up the public places and roads. Solar led street lights consist of solar panel, controller, rechargable battery, lighting fixture.

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